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Context 2.2 for Windows and Linux

Context language and compiler for Windows basically corresponds to versions 1.1 for DOS, but some changes are present. Of course, absence of fully compatibility with the preceding version is not good, but all changes are made to correct defects of DOS version.

Direct translation of DOS-versions 1.3 (the most full version of Context language) to Windows is possible and was partly made, but this translation keep all defects of DOS-version and make compiler source more complex. Context 2.0 - a new compiler, but it uses some ideas, realized in DOS versions. Integrated syntax and semantic analyzer are similar to used in DOS versions 1.0-1.3, but code generator is completely separated from it. Analyzer produces syntax trees for all functions of program. It requires more RAM, but today it is unessential.

Version with number 2.01 works in DOS and can be used for performing the first compilation of Windows versions (2.02-2.12), but in real partly translated version 1.3 was used.

Changes and additions in language

Windows specific


All this limitations are made to simplification of compiler. Future directions:

To produce executable files assembler FASM (www.flatassembler.net) are used. Compiler was tested with FASM 1.49. Previous versions uses Borland TASM32 and TLINK32. The main reason of this change is using of freeware product.

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